OPERETAS Only Musicals

A brand, a space, lots of stories

Since 1994 the authors Gustavo Palacios Pilo and Juan Candioti have created a path for the Musical Theatre where it didn’t existed. Natives from Santa Fe´s city, the city´s capital with the same name in Argentina, they have generated a real unpublished musicals repertoire producing books, music and songs of absolutely oustanding authory. With it, they marked a road as creators and as managers of a gender never before developed in a sistematic way in their context. With academic and logistic support provided by profesors Miriam Heredia and Alicia Ortiz, they´ve started  a way that generated the opening of new spaces in the urban ambit which is today developing up to this day.


A style

In Palacios Pilo´s and Candioti´s musicals, many aesthetic slopes come together: from Broadway´s traditional musical and the West End to an inevitable latinamerican touch, even locally which make its productions look alike the most traditional musicals, and at the same time, be differentiated. Their plays follow a language that brings up the musical self convention but at the same time they propose a different look, an audacity that breaks the molds and projects a creativity based on the authors national identity. Directors and producers of their stagings, both authors have created so much with resources aboundance as in extreme lack of the same. This adaptation to a way of working capacity has given result of glances diversity concerning the scenic (on the other side own of Argentina) that, somehow, has been building a new poetic, a way of recreating the musical from its operistic greatness to an absolute disposession. In them come together the text strenght, the dramatic construction, and the music beauty, added to a liric glance which dyes both melodramatic tone plays (“September, a musical to inspire love”, “While you drink your coffee”, “Jélous”) and the epic and evocative ones (“I am, That Alfonsina, a Musical”, “Gallitrap, the fairy tale they didn´t tell us”), whitout forgetting tangles comedies that explores camp/kitsch aesthetic like “Bufa, life is a musical”. If it were to be defined somehow, maybe we could speak about a creative freedom in which is based the game, the extreme moments and large ballads until the choirs that fuse a scene with another in a sometimes clasic and sometimes “sondheim” use of its narrative resources.